Thursday, June 01, 2006

Links to Presentations on the Science and Simulation Collections

I have given a couple of talks at local Lisp users groups in Denver and Vancouver on Knowledge-Based Simulation. To date these have covered the Science Collection and the Simulation Collection. Thanks to Bill Clementson who taped each of the presentations and provided links to them and the presentation materials in his blog.

The first presentation is from the September 2004 Denver Area Lisp Users Group (DALUG) meeting and primarily covers the science collection. This includes links to a video of the presentation and to the presentation slides. An update to the post includes a link to an audio only version of the presentation.

The second presentation is from the February 2006 Vancouver Lisp Users Group (lispvan) meeting on the PLT Scheme Simulation Collection. This also includes links to a video of the presentation, the presentation slides, and to the documentation for both the science and simulation collections.

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