Friday, April 06, 2007

Simulation Collection Version 2.1 Available

I just released Version 2.1 of the Simulation Collection to PLaneT. This fixes a bug in the variable monitors and updates the interacting particles example ( to illustrate their use in graphical simulations. If anyone with more experience with graphics programming with MrED would look it over and make suggestions on improving it, I would appreciate it.
Variables are used for automatic data collection in the Simulation Collection. [Note that these variables are not Scheme identifiers with values associates with them, but a separate data type and associated semantics.] Variable monitors allow arbitrary code to be attached to getting or setting a variable's value. This is especially useful in adding graphics to a simulation. In the particle interactions example, one is used to update the progress bar.
The particle interactions example also uses a simulation monitor that is executed each time the simulation clock is advanced. This provides the main simulation visualization.
This weekend I plan on adding process monitors that are executed whenever a process event is executed. This will be useful for updating graphics based on the (change in) state of a process. I will also update the reference manual with a section on Monitors.



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